Wednesday, April 05, 2006

GoogleBase Integrated With Google SERPs-- Frog Blog Search Marketing Guru

What was interesting about this whole topic is that Google is testing its Google Base offering in the SERP and that the pattern by which it posts specific search terms is not known or even discussed on forums or blogs related to SEO. I know I've been using the Google Base interface for submitting real estate, events and even services. The listings look great, are easy to modify and do come up rather well in Google Base searches. The only thing I would like to and intend on studying is how Google or Google Base determines a search term should be utilized for the SERP results. For instance as is mentioned in this article, "houses for sale", "apartment for sale", and "los angeles real estate" all show the Google Base form on the SERP at top, however when you search for other locations or offerings that would be in Google, they don't necessarily come up in the results.

In time it will become clear, and perhaps they might also be simply testing out a few chosen terms, thus making it relatively impossible to be sure that a theory can be applied. Check me up in a later date when I will be discussing my findings on this matter and how it can be applied to SEO related efforts.

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