Thursday, June 22, 2006

SEO Today - Search is Dead? - Doubtful

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While Dave Pasternack ( has some valid reasoning as to Yahoo!'s Subscriptions - their new beta service engine, in my opinion, Dave loses me on his thoughts that search will transition because of Yahoo!'s decision to put stock into their Yahoo! Subscriptions Service. After all, we all know Yahoo! is quite monetarily motivated, not user experience motivated, second, Yahoo! is losing market share to Google, the unreputed victor in search engine technology.

While Yahoo! in essence seems to be admitting defeat in the search engine space when it comes to natural search (organic), Yahoo! is just looking to monetize yet another approach to search. Google is making search better through it's many offerings - enhancing the usefulness of the results and user experience. While Google is in no way perfect, and quite frankly, churns out some very useless results, this is a complicated technology and with experience, testing and experiementation - search engines will remain organic in most.

Organic (natural search) may change when the algorythm improves to a level of proficiency within the best 10 results, making the SEO process intense, however, competition will remain and boost the need to know search engine technology inside and out.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

SiteProNews is a free newsletter and webmaster resource site

Site Pro News Webmaster Newsletter
Site Pro News is a great source for website / SEO information, and I would emplore you to signup for their SEO tips newsletter (especially if you are new to SEO). Many of their articles are useful, and best yet, they keep things simple and cite sources for direct information.

Of all the SEO or website development newsletters by email I receive, Site Pro News is one of the better ones. Fo instance, at the time of this writting (06.20.06), Site Pro News has on its home page 25 ways to add quality content to your website (part 1). This article makes its way into some fresh and not-so fresh ideas however, all of them are excellent for SEO and also making your content useful to users. While there are quite a few ads and sponsored links available on their website, the content is always useful and written to inform.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Google Coop Learnings

SEO and Google Coop
Great thing, this Google Coop offering. I was playing around with it an actually learned quite a few useful things regarding the usefulness and utilization of the service. Here are a couple of bits in the way of public knowledge and observation:

1) Google Coop is subscription based - Meaning, only users logged in and subscribed to Google Services will be able to view Coop listings (not coop refinements in the SERP)
2) Google Coop is flexible - The feeds that are provided for subscriber based searches allow for variants and even dynamic rulesetting. For example: If you own a blog at and you wanted anyone looking for [Color]+ site widget, the feeds can be "smart" enough to be found without too much difficulty - such as: "purple site widgets", "blue site widgets" or "green site widgets" (Take a look at the screenshot provided to see what I mean).

3) Google Coop feeds gain more visibility through popularity - Feeds that have high subscriber counts within their industry, gain more visibility through subscriber searches, and also place into the category "authority" sites listings within the Google Coop home website (whether or not someone is subscribed or logged in to Google Services).

Much more to be unveiled soon, however this is certainly a great start with regards to service understanding and knowledge for Google Coop.

Let me know if there is anything else to be added, or perhaps your findings about this service.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Google Spreadsheet - Web-Based Mayhem?

SEO and Google Spreadsheet
Banter and rumors are flying concerning Google Spreadsheet, a new web based application which allows users to create spreadsheet displays online (rumored to be included directly off of Google Toolbar with an additional partnership with Sun).

I am always curious to try a new offering, particularly when it has the potential to be really useful or if it competes against a product I deem inferior within the same class (IE: Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Program). Although Microsoft's spreadsheet program works to a degree and has helped me create ton's of useful documents, The way it works is... well... a bit clodgy. Web-based may not necessarily be a good thing eaither, unless it offers the potential to be linked into intranet applications using an API... think about this Google Spreadsheet developers (if you haven't already).

We can wish for the best, however in reality, all we can do is wait for Google Spreadsheet and at the current time, it is quite a tease for many in industries which utilize Spreadsheet technologies such as analytics, financial and SEO. Given all of the tools that Google develops and releases, it is amazing at times at the rate in which they are churned out (all in beta mind you).

Comments, anyone?