Thursday, November 20, 2008

Old Games and Reminiscing

The games being created now are phenomenal for sure, especially when we talk about graphics and video realism. But, there's no comparison to retro games when we talk about game play and enjoyment. Everything after Nintendo 64 games can be considered "lacking" in the same comparitive quality gameplay.

I remember playing golgo 16, gumshoe and super mario brothers on the NES, and street of rage, robocop and eco the dolphin on Sega. I found a site where I could get some used SNES games, especially given the economy right now.

Sites like JJGames allow folks like us to reconnect with our 80's and 90's favorites without too much problem. Games help divert one's mind and occupation, specially after Google algorithm updates experienced in the past couple of months which have led to more undue occupational stress.

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