Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Section 508 Checklist

I found an excellent resource for 508 compliance checking. If you need to understand how to code or recode your website to be 508 compliant, then I would certainly check this site out to learn how. Right now, I am using the checklist to compare my coding process with current sites developed to learn how I can better my code and pass compliance. I would from this point on, code any and all new sites to be compliant from get-go.

Although you or I may never need a screen reader to understand a webpage, there are many who do, and to make things pleasant for our visitors, everyone must be considered (to a reasonable degree of course... I don't plan on supporting 640x480 resolution or the like.).

It's alwasy wise to do a 508 validation checkafter you are done coding elements to see if everything has been coded/recoded properly. Looking for a simple understanding of the section 508 compliance standard?

Feel free to comment, add or suggest other useful tools, articles and tips.
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