Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Website Facelift

Hello everyone.

The past month has involved many new changes to the site in terms of W3 validation of XHTML and CSS. Not only has it been a pain in the rear, but a serious look at the structure and quality of the site itself. I've been in the business of designing and developing web sites for years and have concentrated my time on good old HTML, so making the transition to XHTML and CSS has been a bit difficult.

As anyone redeveloping a site knows, there is always rom for improvement and it never seems to be perfect (not even for the time-being), so we often overcompensate by making "pretty" graphics to cover up our code (::).

The good news is that after running the site through a couple of SEO and code validators, the site's main page scored high in SEO quality and validated at 100% for XHTML transitional and CSS. The next logical step is transfering the table structure to CSS and making changes to score a XHTML strict validation.

Until next time, try a couple of these great tools online:
http://www.ranks.nl - Page Density Analyser
http://www.w3.org - HTML, XHTML and CSS validators
http://www.seochat.com - SEO related tools such as "pagerank lookup", "link popularity", "future pagerank" and "google dance" tools.

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