Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Yahoo Testing New Homepage

Yahoo! is trying something new... Apparently it's with a new design and the functional use of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML). I remember when DHTML was considered the hot acronym, after all, it is not a new technology but a combination of scripting language, document coding and remote access to data stores.

In my opinion the combination that AJAX provides in terms of functionality and design will propel it to be of great use (and not just in personal sites). DHTML was a fad and didn't last long before being reconsidered as a has-been, but AJAX is actually useful and for the most part, conforms to standards.

It will certainly be of interest to me, and I will be posting more on AJAX and it's functional/designing uses for website design and development.

Additionally, for anyone interested in a tutorial on AJAX check out these resources:
IBM AJAX Tutorial : Part 1 / Part 2

Let me know what you think about these tutorials, perhaps even your take on the tech combo itself and implications on the web. After all, I have seen and really loved the Google suggest tool that uses a bit of AJAX guruism.

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