Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Microsoft launches revamped search engine

Yet another article about the Microsoft initiatives to improve beyond Google's status as the defacto search engine of current. The good thing here, is that, now there are a couple more details about their new engine, plans for the near future to burst onto the scene ahead of Google and also a name for their new technology. Microsoft dubs their brand spanking new web search application, "live".

Set to be replacing the current MSN engine technology, "live" will be running through a undetermined length test-phase on and once deemed read to launch, will replace engine. Features planned to improve the technology beyond that which exists right now is tabbed searches conducted simultaneously in one window, smart pane technology which will allow for display of more or less result information according to user specifications/needs, and image searches in tandem with copy and information searches. A great possibility also lies in more natural searches conducted off of logical questions as opposed to keyword based searching which is not completely considered natural.

Now, it will definately become appearent that if this becomes the star of search, I and other SEO specialists will be looking into new ways of designing search term optimization patterns, and could
A) create a more accessible method of penetration into search results or
b) be detrimental to search tactics and be more of an uphill battle to get results from optimization efforts...

At this time, we will just have to study, analyze and wait to find what the future brings.

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