Tuesday, June 20, 2006

SiteProNews is a free newsletter and webmaster resource site

Site Pro News Webmaster Newsletter
Site Pro News is a great source for website / SEO information, and I would emplore you to signup for their SEO tips newsletter (especially if you are new to SEO). Many of their articles are useful, and best yet, they keep things simple and cite sources for direct information.

Of all the SEO or website development newsletters by email I receive, Site Pro News is one of the better ones. Fo instance, at the time of this writting (06.20.06), Site Pro News has on its home page 25 ways to add quality content to your website (part 1). This article makes its way into some fresh and not-so fresh ideas however, all of them are excellent for SEO and also making your content useful to users. While there are quite a few ads and sponsored links available on their website, the content is always useful and written to inform.

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