Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Google Coop Learnings

SEO and Google Coop
Great thing, this Google Coop offering. I was playing around with it an actually learned quite a few useful things regarding the usefulness and utilization of the service. Here are a couple of bits in the way of public knowledge and observation:

1) Google Coop is subscription based - Meaning, only users logged in and subscribed to Google Services will be able to view Coop listings (not coop refinements in the SERP)
2) Google Coop is flexible - The feeds that are provided for subscriber based searches allow for variants and even dynamic rulesetting. For example: If you own a blog at and you wanted anyone looking for [Color]+ site widget, the feeds can be "smart" enough to be found without too much difficulty - such as: "purple site widgets", "blue site widgets" or "green site widgets" (Take a look at the screenshot provided to see what I mean).

3) Google Coop feeds gain more visibility through popularity - Feeds that have high subscriber counts within their industry, gain more visibility through subscriber searches, and also place into the category "authority" sites listings within the Google Coop home website (whether or not someone is subscribed or logged in to Google Services).

Much more to be unveiled soon, however this is certainly a great start with regards to service understanding and knowledge for Google Coop.

Let me know if there is anything else to be added, or perhaps your findings about this service.

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