Thursday, June 22, 2006

SEO Today - Search is Dead? - Doubtful

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While Dave Pasternack ( has some valid reasoning as to Yahoo!'s Subscriptions - their new beta service engine, in my opinion, Dave loses me on his thoughts that search will transition because of Yahoo!'s decision to put stock into their Yahoo! Subscriptions Service. After all, we all know Yahoo! is quite monetarily motivated, not user experience motivated, second, Yahoo! is losing market share to Google, the unreputed victor in search engine technology.

While Yahoo! in essence seems to be admitting defeat in the search engine space when it comes to natural search (organic), Yahoo! is just looking to monetize yet another approach to search. Google is making search better through it's many offerings - enhancing the usefulness of the results and user experience. While Google is in no way perfect, and quite frankly, churns out some very useless results, this is a complicated technology and with experience, testing and experiementation - search engines will remain organic in most.

Organic (natural search) may change when the algorythm improves to a level of proficiency within the best 10 results, making the SEO process intense, however, competition will remain and boost the need to know search engine technology inside and out.

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David Eaves said...

I read that article too, what a load of guff!