Thursday, May 11, 2006

AlltheWeb - Google Suggest Clone?

SEO and Alltheweb VS Google Suggest
I am sure this search has been around for a while on alltheweb, but I found it to be a very good implementation of a "Google Suggest" clone for search. It's slightly buggy, but for the most part fund and useful. If the engine also moves into being more targetted, perhaps a niche discovery search engine, I think alltheweb might gain popularity and play with the big boys...

Check it out for yourself.

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ebizbest said...

These are the things I just wanna add.

1. Google considers the anchor text of incoming links and when they were first discovered
2. Google considers the appearance and disappearance of links over time
3. If a new website gets flood of new inboud links, the site will be considered legitimate if some links are from authoritative sites
4. If a stale webpage continues to receive new incoming links, it will be considered fresh
5. Google indicates that incoming anchor text links should contain a variety of different (yet related) key phrases and not be all the same
6. Google might consider links from fresh pages to be more important
7. Google considers links with long life span to be of higher value than links with short life spans
8. Google places more value on a site where link growth remains constant and slow
9. Google might record a distribution rating for all the age of all links

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