Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Google Music: Part of the Search Engine Suite?

SEO and Google Music
Although I have spoken about Google Music in the past, I've just had the chance to see it in action in the serps. Take a look at the above screenshot and you will see what I mean. I got a Google Music result off of the term "Foxy".

Although this to me is all a part of the Google search engine suite of tools, including but not limited to: Google Maps, Google Local, Google Desktop, Google Toolbar, Google Base, Google Trends, Google Finance and Google Coop. Of course there are many more, butg these seem to be the latest core of applications for the search engine giant, and this particular selection of tools seems to fit the bill when it comes to user search refinement and quality searching.

One thing in common is the logic behind the search engine applications, but they are all unique in the functionality and accessibility they offer to their users and sources. There is much more potential coming from these tools than Google has implemented, but this is certainly a great start. One could easily say that Google has the brain power, money and talent to continue scaling up the mountain of challenge to reach the apex of search engine success (hard to imaging right now as they are humungous and quite prosperous...

Let us all eat cake and the king shall reign for a thousand more years.

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