Monday, May 15, 2006

Snap Search Engine - New Interface, New Search

SEO and Snap Search Engine
Snap has come back into the race with a new interface and also a nifty new search engine. While I don't think it will win any following as of yet, it really is quite easy to use and may in fact beat out (MSN's offering) without much difficulty. There are far less bugs and with a couple more features added to, the search engine might be a serious contender.

Definately check Snap's search engine out, I had fun testing several searches and using the in-browser, browser, lol. There in fact seems to already be a way to "suggest" a website without them actually having any link to it... As a matter of fact, it looks as if Snap uses an approach - Using results that it spiders without recommended URL's then if they exist in the database and someone searches on those sites that aren't yet popular, it votes it into caching a thumbnail and other relevant visual and textual info.

I like that Snap is using the Google Suggest functionality with a twist. The inlaid browser that displays a thumbnail and information regarding that site being looked at, makes it easy to compare result descriptions with actual page content, making the life of a search that much more efficient.

Once again, check it out!

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