Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Google vs. Microsoft Round 2: IE7, Firefox, Google & MSN

This story, fresh off the press from Search Engine Watch, involves a treacherous plot followed by reveling in absolute horror and finally topped with incredulous mayhem! Just kidding, its the ongoing Google VS Microsoft battle involving a buch of whining, software debates and the neverending fight for market share.

Thing is, Google's bundled into firefox and now Microsoft intends on integrating MSN (Live) search into IE7. Of course Google has a problem with this move on Microsoft's part and has filed complaints, however is it fair that they do the same with firefox? Essentially We understand a couple of things that also make this unfair:

1) Microsoft sells everything under the sun (OS's, Search, Electronics, software) whereas Google is purely search (working on getting other offerings, clearly)
2) Google dominates the search market share, something like 45% VS MSN's 11%.

So this cannot be considered apples to apples, but on the search landscape, Google clearly owns it. As has been mentioned on other blogs, the two should shift from default settings to an initial user setup to determine which engine they want set up as default. Personally, they should just set the default to clusty, just to agree that neither will be favored ;)

I left this comment on the page as an opine relation to the subject and companies:

It's pretty incredible how easily the tide turns. Microsoft, just recently, in the public's eyes, was considered the big brother / evil corporation and now Google's being put into that role.
The difference I believe is that both Google and Microsoft are the worlds mega corporations and it would seem perception has made them equal. Although users are somewhat married to Google search and Microsoft Windows, most refuse to let go to adopt new software, and perhaps with good reason. It costs alot and also requires a good bit of learning shifts and perhaps even paradigm altering.
Despite the battle between the goliaths, so long as they perform at least to par, we are certainly talking business.
By the way, I don't agree with Microsoft most times, but they are certainly using a strategy followed by tactic that will raise their search market share.

Let me know what you think, love to get feedback on these topics.

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