Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Google Coop Profile and Onebox Listing

SEO and Google Coop
Testing Google Coop has turned to be quite a bit of an unknown, as I have involved several XML feeds... Trying out a combination of elements, outlined in the Google Coop developer pages. I still haven't asked anyone to subscribe to my links just yet, but I am hoping since you are reading this (Hint, Hint), that you would want to subscribe to my SEO Google Coop profile...

I would think you (as a Google Coop subscriber) will start seeing advanced notice of any activities related to bloging, SEO, search engines and of course, any updated info on the Google Coop project (mine indubitably). Let me know what you observe given a subscription to my Google Coop Profile.

And feel free to post relevant and useful Google Coop profiles here as well, the more SEO research oriented or at least early discovery based, the better.

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