Monday, May 01, 2006

Niche Web networking sites chase MySpace ad dollars

A friend introduced me to myspace years ago, but it has really gained steam in the media as of late. As a matter of fact the "Social Networking" website has brought my best friend a fiance, and they are extremely well matched. I couldn't believe that Myspace could be a way to communicate effectively since to me it seemed like a college micro-site and nothing more, but once again, its how people use it and think of it - not how basic or advanced.

Well on to the actual story at hand. The article at CNN Money goes into a couple of new companies poised to make money off of the social networking space - based all on topics and subjects in business and personal fields. Everything from joke sharing to business collaboration.

Realizing that this is precisely what the Internet was envisioned to accomplish, these sites should do phenomenally well... Looks like the big boys have it in a vice at this point, but as always, the 'net gives the little folk quite some leverage...

Like the old saying goes, "Give a man a fish and he will eat for days, give a man a fishing pole and the man can live for years." , or at least somewhere along those lines. You get the point.

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Seenu said...

hey ..
Nice to meet you.Its true.Social networking are coming up these days like anything.each day each kind of sites comes into live in the world of internet.And i am also coming up with my own social networking sites.Hope it do well in the coming days.