Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Google Base, Local, Co-op and Screenshots

SEO and Google Base

Google Base, the frontier for Local continues to pop-up in the SERP's in very distinct and unique ways. We've all seen by now the drop downs for selections based on recipes, real estate and jobs, but there is a new intregue upon the horizon.

Enter the specific search below for "Monte Carlo Las Vegas", bringing a travel inlay unlike the usual suspects... I've also included the nifty screenshot for the benefit of making this blip useful. In making this observation useful, I also searched based on the pattern for other "known" hotels in Las Vegas, namely "Paris", "Luxor", "Bellagio" and "Venetian". Funny thing is, that while "Paris" and "Luxor" hotels came up in the Las Vegas search, Bellagio and Venetian inlays were non existant - rather they led directly to the standard SERP listing on Google for the official hotel websites.

When I ran a parallel search on Google for "Las Vegas", I got what appeared to be Google Co-Op, providing a selection of drill-down links to narrow the search down for relevance. This was a very positive thing to me as the more options/filtering of results in Google (easy to run and use of course), the better their future engine will be and ultimately the best user experience when searching.

Take a look at the screenshots provided and let me know if there are ny other searches of interest or perhaps other features and uses. Thanks!

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